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I'm trying to use the Windows API to set the primary monitor. It doesn't seem to work - my screen just flicks and nothing happens.

    public const int DM_ORIENTATION = 0x00000001;
public const int DM_PAPERSIZE = 0x00000002;
public const int DM_PAPERLENGTH = 0x00000004;
public const int DM_PAPERWIDTH = 0x00000008;
public const int DM_SCALE = 0x00000010;
public const int DM_POSITION = 0x00000020;
public const int DM_NUP = 0x00000040;
public const int DM_DISPLAYORIENTATION = 0x00000080;
public const int DM_COPIES = 0x00000100;
public const int DM_DEFAULTSOURCE = 0x00000200;
public const int DM_PRINTQUALITY = 0x00000400;
public const int DM_COLOR = 0x00000800;
public const int DM_DUPLEX = 0x00001000;
public const int DM_YRESOLUTION = 0x00002000;
public const int DM_TTOPTION = 0x00004000;
public const int DM_COLLATE = 0x00008000;
public const int DM_FORMNAME = 0x00010000;
public const int DM_LOGPIXELS = 0x00020000;
public const int DM_BITSPERPEL = 0x00040000;
public const int DM_PELSWIDTH = 0x00080000;
public const int DM_PELSHEIGHT = 0x00100000;
public const int DM_DISPLAYFLAGS = 0x00200000;
public const int DM_DISPLAYFREQUENCY = 0x00400000;
public const int DM_ICMMETHOD = 0x00800000;
public const int DM_ICMINTENT = 0x01000000;
public const int DM_MEDIATYPE = 0x02000000;
public const int DM_DITHERTYPE = 0x04000000;
public const int DM_PANNINGWIDTH = 0x08000000;
public const int DM_PANNINGHEIGHT = 0x10000000;
public const int DM_DISPLAYFIXEDOUTPUT = 0x20000000;

public const int ENUM_CURRENT_SETTINGS = -1;
public const int CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY = 0x01;
public const int CDS_TEST = 0x02;
public const int CDS_SET_PRIMARY = 0x00000010;

public const long DISP_CHANGE_SUCCESSFUL = 0;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_RESTART = 1;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_FAILED = -1;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_BADMODE = -2;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_NOTUPDATED = -3;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_BADFLAGS = -4;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_BADPARAM = -5;
public const long DISP_CHANGE_BADDUALVIEW = -6;

    public static void SetPrimary(Screen screen)
  DEVMODE dm = new DEVMODE();
  d.cb = Marshal.SizeOf(d);
  uint deviceID = 1;
  User_32.EnumDisplayDevices(null, deviceID, ref  d, 0); // 
  User_32.EnumDisplaySettings(d.DeviceName, 0, ref dm);
  dm.dmPelsWidth = 2560;
  dm.dmPelsHeight = 1600;
  dm.dmPositionX = screen.Bounds.Right;
  User_32.ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(d.DeviceName, ref dm, IntPtr.Zero, CDS_SET_PRIMARY, IntPtr.Zero);

I call the method like this:


Any ideas?

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According to the documentation for ChangeDisplaySettingsEx, "the dmSize member must be initialized to the size, in bytes, of the DEVMODE structure." Furthermore, the EnumDisplaySettings documentation states, "Before calling EnumDisplaySettings, set the dmSize member to sizeof(DEVMODE), and set the dmDriverExtra member to indicate the size, in bytes, of the additional space available to receive private driver data". I don't see this happening in the code sample given in the question; that's one reason why it may be failing.

Additionally, you might have errors in the definitions of the DEVMODE and DISPLAY_DEVICE structs, which were not included in the question. Roger Lipscombe's suggestion to get it working from C/C++ first is an excellent way to rule out this type of problem.

Finally, check the return value from ChangeDisplaySettingsEx and see if that gives a clue as to why it might be failing.

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I can't really help you with the winapi-stuff but if you are using a Nvidia card you may have a look at the NVcontrolPanel Api Documentation Then you could make the secondary output your primary using rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg primary 2 Hope that will help you.

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I ran into exactly the same problem, both from C# and after following the advice here to try it in C++. I eventually discovered that the thing the Microsoft documentation doesn't make clear is that the request to set the primary monitor will be ignored (but with the operation reported as successful!) unless you also set the position of the monitor to (0, 0) on the DEVMODE struct. Of course, this means that you also need to shift the positions of your other monitors so that they stay in the same place relative to the new primary monitor. Per the documentation (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd183413%28v=vs.85%29.aspx), call ChangeDisplaySettingsEx for each monitor with the CDS_NORESET flag and then make a final call with everything null.

The following code worked for me:

    public static void SetAsPrimaryMonitor(uint id)
        var device = new DISPLAY_DEVICE();
        var deviceMode = new DEVMODE();
        device.cb = Marshal.SizeOf(device);

        NativeMethods.EnumDisplayDevices(null, id, ref device, 0);
        NativeMethods.EnumDisplaySettings(device.DeviceName, -1, ref deviceMode);
        var offsetx = deviceMode.dmPosition.x;
        var offsety = deviceMode.dmPosition.y;
        deviceMode.dmPosition.x = 0;
        deviceMode.dmPosition.y = 0;

            ref deviceMode, 
            (ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags.CDS_SET_PRIMARY | ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags.CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY | ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags.CDS_NORESET), 

        device = new DISPLAY_DEVICE();
        device.cb = Marshal.SizeOf(device);

        // Update remaining devices
        for (uint otherid = 0; NativeMethods.EnumDisplayDevices(null, otherid, ref device, 0); otherid++)
            if (device.StateFlags.HasFlag(DisplayDeviceStateFlags.AttachedToDesktop) && otherid != id)
                device.cb = Marshal.SizeOf(device);
                var otherDeviceMode = new DEVMODE();

                NativeMethods.EnumDisplaySettings(device.DeviceName, -1, ref otherDeviceMode);

                otherDeviceMode.dmPosition.x -= offsetx;
                otherDeviceMode.dmPosition.y -= offsety;

                    ref otherDeviceMode,
                    (ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags.CDS_UPDATEREGISTRY | ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags.CDS_NORESET),


            device.cb = Marshal.SizeOf(device);

        // Apply settings
        NativeMethods.ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(null, IntPtr.Zero, (IntPtr)null, ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags.CDS_NONE, (IntPtr)null);

Note that a signature for ChangeDisplaySettingsEx with a DEVMODE struct as the second parameter obviously won't allow you to pass in IntPtr.Zero. Create yourself two different signatures for the same extern call, i.e.

    public static extern DISP_CHANGE ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(string lpszDeviceName, ref DEVMODE lpDevMode, IntPtr hwnd, ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags dwflags, IntPtr lParam);

    public static extern DISP_CHANGE ChangeDisplaySettingsEx(string lpszDeviceName, IntPtr lpDevMode, IntPtr hwnd, ChangeDisplaySettingsFlags dwflags, IntPtr lParam);
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