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I'm currently using this: /([A-z0-9'<>,-.()–:'/]+)/g to wrap all the words in a <p> tag with <span> tags. This is working well, except I have to define any punctuation that is added and not already defined.

Is there a better regex pattern that I can use to match ALL characters and punctuation (inclusive of unicode characters), that breaks on white space?


"Hi, hello there!" => <span>Hi,</span> <span>hello</span> <span>there!</span>

as well as:

"俺の 名前 は tr3online です。" => <span>俺の</span> <span>名前</span> <span>は</span> <span>tr3online</span> <span>です。</span>

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You can either use negated character class to match anything apart from \s:


or \S for matching non-whitespace characters. This is same as [^\s]

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