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I'm having a trouble with the routes in Ruby on Rails 4, and receiving this error:

undefined method `routes_path'

My view is:

<h1>Load data</h1>
    <div class="row">
    <div class="span6 offset3">
    <%= form_for @route, :html => { :multipart => true } do %>
        <%= hidden_field_tag 'current_user', @current_user %>
        <%= file_field_tag :file %>
        <%= submit_tag "Import", style: 'margin-top: -10px', class: "btn btn-primary" %>
    <% end %>

My controller is:

def new
    @route = current_user.build_route

def create
     nil_flag = Route.import(params[:file], current_user)
    if nil_flag == 1
      flash[:success] = "Data created."
      redirect_to route_path(current_user)
      flash[:error] = "Error"
      redirect_to load_data_path

My model is:

def self.import(file, current_user)
   @user = current_user
   @route = @user.build_route
   @nil_flag = 0

   File.open(file.path, 'r') do |f|

The routes are:

match '/load_data', to: 'routes#new', via: 'get'

My views, controller and model are named "Route".

Is there a problem with the route in the view or something else?

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Is that your only route? I would expect something like this as well: match '/load_data', to: 'routes#create', via: 'post', as: 'routes'--I'm guessing here based on what your form_for tag seems to be expecting (routes_path). – struthersneil Oct 22 '13 at 20:04
there is other routes, but not involved to the 'routes' controller, actually that is my only route to that controller BTW if i put the as: 'routes' it shows a undefined method `load_data_path'error – nnn7867 Oct 22 '13 at 20:19
Ok. I would expect you to have two routes (at least)--a 'get' route pointing to RoutesController::new that returns your page with a form with empty fields, and a 'post' route pointing to RoutesController::create that receives the contents of the completed form. (This may be GET /load_data and POST /load_data, even though the naming of the URL is a bit unintuitive.) – struthersneil Oct 22 '13 at 20:29

You have to specify a name for your route so Rails will create the _path helper:

match '/load_data', to: 'routes#new', via: 'get', as: :routes

This creates a routes_path helper that returns /load_data.

It's usually easier to use resource routing:

resources :routes, path: '/load_data'

The above line will create the following routes:

HTTP Verb  Path                 Action   Named Helper
GET        /load_data           index    routes_path
GET        /load_data/new       new      new_routes_path
POST       /load_data           create   routes_path
GET        /load_data/:id       show     route_path(:id)
GET        /load_data/:id/edit  edit     edit_route_path(:id)
PATCH/PUT  /load_data/:id       update   route_path(:id)
DELETE     /load_data/:id       destroy  route_path(:id)

You can run rake routes in your terminal to get a list of the available routes.

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