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I need to implement a dialog in which the user can enter a time in minutes and seconds. For example: 6 minutes 30 seconds. There I also need an upper limit on the number of minutes (i.e., the minutes would range from 0-10, seconds from 0-60.)

But as has been discussed here, the android TimePicker presents only hours and minutes. I've seen a few posts about adding seconds to it, but nothing about removing hours and adding seconds. Probably no way to impose a limit on the minutes, either.

I've seen a few posts recommending creating a custom time picker by using NumberPicker, but have also seen cautions that NumberPicker is intended for internal purposes and shouldn't be used. This would appear to be a Catch-22.

I could try to modify the source for TimePicker or NumberPicker, but I'm not wild about the amount of time it would take to understand how they work and to maintain a custom version going forward.

I guess that leaves me with implementing a custom Minutes-Seconds picker. Using up-down buttons to move a number doesn't look too hard, but I don't know how to allow the user to swipe to scroll through the numbers in each "wheel".

Any suggestions?

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