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I am working on a xul firefox-extension and have a binary value that I want to write to a file using NetUtil.asyncCopy. I have the data in an array of byte values, and need to convert it into an nsIInputStream so that asyncCopy can accept it.

I know from mozilla docs that I can convert a string to a nsIInputStream using


But cannot find any corresponding method to convert an array to an inputstream. Is there an approach that will allow me to do that? (or a different workaround)

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Kudos for using something async. However, you'd still need to open/close the file on the main thread. Maybe you'll find OS.File, which really does all I/O off the main thread suitable for your needs. – nmaier Oct 23 '13 at 4:24

It's not a particularly profound answer, but this example provides an alternative path to saving the values. It is at the expense of doing the write synchronously, but in my case I can deal with that.

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