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I am implementing a project on sourceforge. I want to know if any of you have used the tracker tool in sourceforge project hosting site.

  1. How does it compare to trac/bugzilla?
  2. In case I want/have to use trac, do I have to host it myself? Or can I use some other online hosting?
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I started my project there and moved later to an own server for many reasons. I bet it's a matter of taste - the SF menus are often really complicated and I always have a long way to find what I am actually seeking.

The advantage of own project management software like Trac or Redmine is that you have the power of everything. You can install addons at will, use other VCS and style it as you like. The biggest disadvantage is that you probably must do all that.

There are several free hosting services out there that offer a Trac or similar:

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Dejavu is dead for a long time.

I would recommend Assembla, it keeps improving, has support for svn, git, mercurial and more.

Did not hear yet about sharesource.

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It's not cool to hide your affiliate links behind shortened URLs (see – Verbeia Oct 4 '11 at 11:35

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