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I'm noticing that on iPhone 4/4s as opposed to (iPhone 5/5s) running iOS 7, the XMLHttpRequest.onreadystatechange is very slow to fire.
The same goes for the contentWindow.document.readyState on an iFrame. On iPhone 5/5s, this is not a problem. On an iPhone 4, if I change over to a setTimeout and check XMLHttpRequest.readyState directly, I can detect the request completion much sooner (minutes in some cases).
The same goes for detecting the readyState on an iFrame, if I check for the presence of a specific dom element or JavaScript function, I can detect that the iframe is loaded much sooner than checking contentWindow.document.readyState.

I have no clues as to why this is happening. Why only iPhone 4 and not iPhone 5? They are both running iOS 7 and on Wifi.

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