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I installed module beaver by using the following command

easy_install Beaver

Now I need to remove this package from my server and I do the following:

easy_install -m Beaver

But the package is still in the system and I get the following message:

Searching for Beaver
Best match: Beaver 30

Using /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages

Because this distribution was installed --multi-version, before you can
import modules from this package in an application, you will need to
'import pkg_resources' and then use a 'require()' call similar to one of
these examples, in order to select the desired version:

    pkg_resources.require("Beaver")  # latest installed version
    pkg_resources.require("Beaver==30")  # this exact version
    pkg_resources.require("Beaver>=30")  # this version or higher

Processing dependencies for Beaver
Finished processing dependencies for Beaver

The following command:

which beaver

shows me path to this module


Help me to remove this package from system completly

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Here is a good answer about it: How do I remove packages installed with Python's easy_install?

I think it is easier to install pip and uninstall this package. Like the link above says, you can remove the package directory that can be easily found in your site-packages Python directory (but I really prefer the first option).

pip uninstall Beaver
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even works for pip uninstalling pip itself. – user1893148 Feb 3 '15 at 19:48

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