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I have some network traffic captured pcap file and want to send its packets on NIC; is it possible? Is there any application to do this?

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Probably highly dependant on the OS. You should indicate which one. – bortzmeyer Dec 23 '09 at 20:43
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You should be able to use some kind of replay application like this one (tcpreplay).

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bit-twist can do this.

just install it and inject your packet like this :

# bittwist -i eth0 pcap-file.pcap 
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There is a libpcap/winpcap library, that allows the programmer to send/receive packets and work directly with NDIS-level driver. http://www.winpcap.org

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Yes there is a way - sending a packet to NIC means injecting it to an interface.

You can do this with the help of libnet packege in linux. I myself am working on the same these days. Try Googling with this term, you'll surely get some good stuff to share.

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I use tcpreplay on Linux/Freebsd eg:

#tcpreplay -l 0 -i eth1 path-to-your-captured-file.pcap

-l loop how many times, 0 for infinite
-i interface where you want to send out

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