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I've just implemented a post-insert event listener for my java-spring-hibernate-mysql server. What I want to do is this - each time a new object of a certain type is created, I want to create series of stats on it. A bit random, but clients want the strangest things. I don't want any future coders to accidentally balls this up, so i thought a post-insert listener would achieve this for me.

here is my app context entry:

<property name="eventListeners">
                    <bean class="xxx.MyPostInsertEventListener" />

and this is my class:

package au.com.reignite.recursionNesting;

import org.hibernate.HibernateException;
import org.hibernate.classic.Session;
import org.hibernate.event.PostInsertEvent;
import org.hibernate.event.PostInsertEventListener;

public class MyPostInsertListener implements PostInsertEventListener {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 2377752551659130306L;

public void onPostInsert(PostInsertEvent event) {

    // this kicks in once a new record has been inserted. 
    if (event.getEntity() instanceof XXX) {
        Session session = null;
        try {
            session = event.getPersister().getFactory().getCurrentSession();
            // this is the code that does the creations etc
        } catch (HibernateException he) {

            // this catches the situation where the transaction persist fails, and ensures the rollback of the information created in the flat tables
            System.out.println("transaction persist error: " + he.getMessage());



but my problem is this: it kicks in twice. I am calling this saveOrUpdate method to persist the object:

protected void saveOrUpdate(final Domain domain) {
    final List<Domain> domains = new ArrayList<Domain>();

protected void saveOrUpdateAll(final Collection<? extends Domain> domains) {
    if (domains != null) {
        for (final Domain domain : domains) {
            if (domain.getId() != null) {
                domain.setModifiedDate(new Date());
            } else {
                domain.setCreatedDate(new Date());

any ideas on why this may be getting called twice?

thanks for you time, Margaret

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Did you check that your listener is not recorded twice ? (You can check that by step-by-step debugging in hibernate code... and at some point will see that hibernate iterate over an array of listeners, check this array to see if you don't have 2 instances of MyPostInsertListener in it. - put a breakpoint in your PostInsert method to quickly find the hibernate listener array - –  ben75 Oct 23 '13 at 11:30
bingo. thank you! the listeners were configured twice. another developer had added listeners for lucene indexing in another location which i had missed. –  Margaret Oct 28 '13 at 6:38

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