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I have a Spring WS - JAX-WS application. It is exposing a Webservice.

Now I want to wrapper a Camel endpoint in front of it.

Such that, when the webservice is called, it should be routed by camel. i.e.

Currently an able to hit the webservice using the URL localhost/MyApp/appService?wsdl

Which endpoint scheme should be used??

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Your JAX-WS application provides a SOAP Web service.

So you can use camel-soap or camel-cxf, depending on your need.


SOAP is a Data Format which uses JAXB2 and JAX-WS annotations to marshal and unmarshal SOAP payloads. It provides the basic features of Apache CXF without need for the CXF Stack.

Here is a short exemple of use:

SoapJaxbDataFormat soap = new SoapJaxbDataFormat("com.example.customerservice", new ServiceInterfaceStrategy(CustomerService.class));


The cxf: component provides integration with Apache CXF for connecting to JAX-WS services hosted in CXF.

I will not provide an example for CXF because there is a lot more options. If you don't need them use SOAP, otherwise go see the doc.

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I tried the First method but am getting this error "Result type of method getPersons is not annotated with WebParam. This is not yet supported" –  madhairsilence Oct 23 '13 at 14:08
It's maybe a new question. You should post your code and the stacktrace so that we can help you –  Pith Oct 23 '13 at 14:30
Having the same issue, can you point me in the right direction, i.e. a link to the new question. ta. –  enkor Jan 16 at 9:26
Sorry this post is old, and I think, there never had a new question. –  Pith Jan 16 at 9:40

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