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I have install wakanda and testing in my computer.

Then I testing to create 2 table table1 and table2 with structure like this: table1: ID, Name, table2Collection table2: ID, Table1, Name

I want to create trigger when table1 saved, then insert new row to table 2 and create relation between table1 and table2.

I try to create event on table1 On Save like this:

var newTable2 = new ds.table2;
newTable2.Name = this.Name;

But this code not create relation between table1 and table2. Can some body help me?

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Wakanda is an object database. We don't talk about Tables but about DataClasses.

Here two level of answers for your question:

  1. Triggers: Wakanda as "events" to which you can assign JavaScript functions and one of them is "save". You can fix it via the event tab in the Datastore Model Designer, or directly in JavaScript via the Model API if using free form edition. Events like "on save" exist at the Dataclass and the attribute levels

  2. Relations: Wakanda as "relation attributes". In your example, you are copying a string value. You should better have an entity relation attribute and have code like

    var newDataClass2 = new DataClass2();
    newDataClass2.dataClass1 = this;

your Name attribute would be accessible through newDataClass2.dataClass1.Name or could be available through newDataClass2.dataClass1Name if you add an alias attribute

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Hallo Alexandre, thanks for your answer.I thinks trigger on Save triggered before save so that code cannot work if dataClass1 is new. –  Reinstar Oct 28 '13 at 3:01

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