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Turns out that ffmpeg 2.0 also doesnt supports muxing of eac3 & h.264 inside mp4 container. I have come to know from ffmpeg forums that -

"FFmpeg's mov/isom muxer does not contain a function mov_write_eac3_tag() which is necessary to write compliant files."

So, how do we do it? Is there any way single-step/multi-step process by which I can get mp4 file with EAC3 + h.264

Note: Now I know we can get mkv mpg mov, conatiners with EAC3 using ffmpeg

In case you wonder why I want so- 1) My target is to get Smooth Stream file, with h.264 + eac3(DD+) codec. 2) I am using MP4tosmooth DLL from Msft to convert mp4 file to smooth format.

So in case there is a way to convert mov/mpg/mkv to smooth directly then that will also work for me.

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