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I was surprised to find that using to[Col] the default implementation for Seq is Vector and not List:

val x = Seq(1, 2, 3)  // -> List(1, 2, 3)
x.toSeq               // -> List(1, 2, 3)[Seq]             // -> Vector(1, 2, 3)

How come?

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The to method is defined on GenTraversableOnce[A]:

def to[Col[_]](implicit cbf: CanBuildFrom[Nothing, A, Col[A]]): Col[A] 

The problem being that GenTraversableOnce doesn't have a Repr type. Thus:

implicitly[CanBuildFrom[Nothing, Int, Seq[Int]]].apply.result  // Vector()


implicitly[CanBuildFrom[Seq[Int], Int, Seq[Int]]].apply.result // List()

I would count this as a bug, actually. It could only be solved by moving the method to GenTraversableLike (?). Opinions?

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