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I am new to Eclipse and PyDev,

I have installed Eclipse, Pydev and Kivy under Unbuntu 12.01

I created a new Pydev Project in Eclipse. Now I want to use Kivy(and or xxWidgets) in it. Can anyone give me instructions how to set this configuration in Eclipse?

Thanks for your help

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-Install Python. I am using python 2.7 so : sudo apt-get install python2.7

-Install the latest stable builds :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kivy-team/kivy

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install python-kivy

-If you want to install examples of kivy apps :

sudo apt-get install python-kivy-examples

If you have a problem with pydev, close eclipse, run it as root, re-install pydev from eclipse repos . Restart eclipse normally(without root), and it will work fine .

If you have problems with eclipse automatic save/logging , give the rights to the actual user to write in the file/folder (may be in ~/.eclipse/someOtherFolders/File...) mentioned in the error box with chmod (-R if it is a folder).

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