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i want to make product listing page to use 4 columns instead of 3 (default) I found that if i use

<reference name="product_list">
<action method="setColumnCount"><columns>4</columns></action>

on category layout update (from backend) it's working fine. I also found numerous posts that describes on how to make 4 columns grid for all page layouts.

I need to use 4 column grid only on one column pages. i put this on my local.xml but it's not working..

     <reference name="product_list">
        <action method="setColumnCount"><columns>4</columns></action>

what am i doing wrong? thanks

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go to admin

2) catalog->manage categories

3) select category which you want to be one colomn layout in my example cell phone

4) click on custom design


Use Parent Category Settings = no

Page Layout = 1 column
Custom Layout Update 

<reference name="product_list">
        <action method="setColumnCount"><columns>4</columns></action>

hope this help enter image description here1)

or Alternate solution


line no 89

 <?php $_columnCount = $this->getColumnCount(); ?>

replace above code with

 <?php $_collectionSize = $_productCollection->count() ?>
    <?php $pageLayout=$this->getLayout()->getBlock('root')->getTemplate(); ?>
    <?php if ($pageLayout="page/1column.phtml"):?>
        <?php $_columnCount = 4 ?>
    <?php else: ?>  
        <?php $_columnCount = $this->getColumnCount(); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
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thanks for your reply. –  karpa Oct 25 '13 at 9:03
Edit: stack does not let me edit my previous comment.. As i said the "custom design" method is not useful for me because i need this for all 1 column layout.. The alternate solution with code edit could work, but i wanted to do it with layout xml. That was also the purpose of my question.. If it is impossible to do what i need with only xml update i will do the php method you provide. Thanks –  karpa Oct 25 '13 at 9:11
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open app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/catalog.xml

define column count according to your requirement




if yout want to set column count in <catalogsearch_result_index>

open and edit in

open app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/catalogsearch.xml

<action method="addColumnCountLayoutDepend"><layout>empty</layout><count>6</count></action>
<action method="addColumnCountLayoutDepend"><layout>one_column</layout><count>4</count></action>
<action method="addColumnCountLayoutDepend"><layout>two_columns_left</layout><count>4</count></action>
<action method="addColumnCountLayoutDepend"><layout>two_columns_right</layout><count>4</count></action>
<action method="addColumnCountLayoutDepend"><layout>three_columns</layout><count>3</count></action>

now define observer in


add following code in <events>


now open


add following function it

public function addHandle($observer)
        $controllerAction = $observer->getEvent()->getControllerAction();
        $category = $observer->getEvent()->getCategory();
        if ($category->getPageLayout()) {

go to admin

2) catalog->manage categories

3) select category which you want to be one column layout

4) click on custom design

5) Use Parent Category Settings = no Page Layout = 1 column

Note: instead of edit in core create new module & define above observer

hope this help you

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is it possible to do it with just layout upadate, without editing (overriding) any core code? just with local.xml or something.. –  karpa Oct 25 '13 at 9:14
it is not possible without change or override in core files –  shivam Oct 25 '13 at 9:41
local.xml is used for layout purpose not for configuration or settings . Or you can create module & define above code in that –  shivam Oct 25 '13 at 9:43
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