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I am facing a strange issue while using NodeJS and Socket.IO.

I use a server the receive data via ZeroMQ. That work perfect. For each message from ZeroMQ, i use sockets.volatile.emit to send that to all connected clients. The issue I have is for large number of connected accounts (more then 100), it seems there is a queue on the sending to clients (client receive message in delay that keep increasing)

Note : Each connected client received each message from ZeroMQ, so basically for more client there is more data sent over the socket.IO.

Via Logs/Debug i know the receive from ZeroMQ has no delay and all works on that part. The emitting seems to have a queue or delay that keeps increasing.

The messages rate is 80 messages/sec for each client.

How can I control that to prevent client received old messages ?

I am using NodeJS 0.10.20 and Socket.IO 0.9.16.

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