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I've been trying to integrate youtube_it gem to utilise it to work with youtube videos for my Rails app.
As per the github page for youtube_it, It is suppose to be as simple as including the gem in your gem file gem 'youtube_it'
And that should be it. But it so happens that it does not recognise YoutubeIt::Client.new and gives an undefined constant error for the same.

As per the sample app, I have done all the configuration needed for the same.

Any idea why does it not recognise YouTubeIt::Client.new

I'm new to Rails, so pardon me if this seems to be an easy question.

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try to use it from console and check the error. same time prove all the valid credentials and try –  Sabyasachi Ghosh Oct 23 '13 at 11:30
I tried it. i did require "youtube_it" and it still fails. So that tells me that its not able to find it in the project scope itself. –  Vishnu Narang Oct 23 '13 at 11:43

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After almost an hour of research and no solution, i tried something which actually worked.

So what worked for me is adding the following two lines in my Gemfile after the gem 'youtube_it'

gem 'inherited_resources'
gem 'acts_as_commentable'

This has not been mentioned on the youtube_it home page. It just says to include the youtube_it gem

So i guess it turns out that we need to add these two dependencies and follow the configurations as per youtube_it_rails_app_example which uses youtube_it to build a demo app.

I did this and everything started working out as per expectations.


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Installing the gem from github works for me

gem 'youtube_it', :github => 'kylejginavan/youtube_it'

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