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I followed this Restoring Deleted 'Root' User and Password For MySQL and tried everything but failed.

My steps:

  • I accidentally deleted my user.
  • Tried to use MAMP PRO Uninstaller, but couldn't (ERROR: The privileged action failed.)
  • I tried all of of the possible solutions, but I can't do anything with the terminal, and it keeps saying -bash: mysql: command not found to everything I do. (I'm pretty sure that MAMP, in the first place, was installed wrong, because I haven't got any MAMP files in my Application Support either.
  • Also tried deleting with CleanMyMac, AppCleaner ect. Still no luck.

Is the only step for me now, to re format my mac? I'm lost :/

Thank you for your help!

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If you uninstall mysql and then try to use it, of course you get not found errors. skip-grant-tables, restarting, restoring root and restarting again should do the job. –  DanFromGermany Oct 23 '13 at 11:37

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