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I use git-svn to interact with an existing SVN repository that contains some C++ projects. subwcrev.exe is used as a pre-build event to update some strings in a C++ header (svnversion.h). These strings get hardcompiled to form some version information for the resulting binary.

Since subwcrev requires .svn metadata to work, the pre-build event is going to fail when used on the git-svn working copy. So I came up with the following bash script which I use as post-commit and post-checkout hooks for my git repository. The script tries to do the same thing as subwcrev based on the output of git svn info (cached in a local file).

if [ ! -f svninfo ] ; then
    git svn info > svninfo

revision=`sed -e "/Revision/!d" -e "s/Revision: \(.*\)/\1/" svninfo`
lastchange=`sed -e "/Last Changed Rev/!d" -e "s/Last Changed Rev: \(.*\)/\1/" svninfo`
# Get the last changed date, extract timestamp, replaces dashes with slashes
changedate=`sed -e "/Last Changed Date/!d" -e "s/Last Changed Date: \(.\{19\}\).*/\1/" -e "s!-!\\\\\\/!g" svninfo`
now=`date "+%Y\/%m\/%d %H:%M:%S"`

gitcommit=`git show --abbrev-commit | sed -n -e "s/commit //p"`

for entry in $( find -name svnversion_template.h ); do
    newname=`echo $entry|sed -e "s/_template//"`
    sed -e "s/\\\$WCRANGE\\\$/${revision}/" \
        -e "s/\\\$WCREV\\\$/${lastchange}-${gitcommit}/" \
        -e "s/\\\$WCDATE\\\$/${changedate}/" \
        -e "s/\\\$WCNOW\\\$/${now}/" \
        -e "s/\\\$WCURL\\\$/local git repo/" \
        -e "s/\\\$WCMODS.*\\\$/(true)/" \
        -e "s/\\\$WCMIXED.*\\\$/(false)/" \
        $entry > `echo $entry|sed -e "s/_template//"`

What I cannot really emulate so far is the automatic detection of a local uncommitted changes (based on the last checked out SVN revision) that makes subwcrev so useful.

I am replacing $WCREV$ with the revision number of the SVN repository (as subwcrev would do) but this time I add my abbreviated git commit hash to identify the code I compiled. My question now is: Is there a way to distinguish in a shell script whether my current HEAD differs from the last fetched SVN revision so that I could omit adding the -${gitcommit} part and set $WCMODS$ to false?

If there were some thing like a post-"git svn dcommit" hook, my problem would be solved, too, since then that special hook would create the svnversion.h differently. Can such hook be added somehow?

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I don't really get your points, but start to improve your script first.

revision=$(grep -Po "(?<=Revision: ).*" svninfo)
lastchange=$(grep -Po "(?<=Last Changed Rev: ).*" svninfo)
# Get the last changed date, extract timestamp, replaces dashes with slashes
changedate=$(grep -Po "(?<=Last Changed Date: ).{19}" svninfo)
now=$(date "+%Y\/%m\/%d %H:%M:%S")

Then, in for loop, could you please explain detail, what result you need? Can you show one sample of svnversion_template.h ?

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