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Seeing all the UNIX guys have memcache (PHP, Python, etc.), are the .NET libraries stress tested and equally efficient? (or more?)

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Consider Microsoft's Velocity cache. It'll probably be the one that gets the largest support and stress testing.

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Velocity is still in Cummunity technical preview (CTP). But I would agree that it's the right technology for people to evaluate from Microsoft for this purpose.

Also, just so it's considered - if you're already using memcached in your environement there is a client library for C# - memcacheddotnet.

I used the memcached client a while back (before rejoining Microsoft) only for testing and not in production - it held up great under a simulated load of my system for 50+ concurrent user testing (which met my requirements) - never went to produciton with it though (timing didn't work out and wasn't strictly needed to satisfy anything business critical at the time).

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