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I use this code:

        bus = bus ?? Configure.With()
            .Start(() => Configure.Instance.ForInstallationOn<Windows>().Install());

And emulator settings are: ServiceConfiguration azure file contains these settings:

  <Setting name="AzureQueueConfig.ConnectionString" value="UseDevelopmentStorage=true" />
  <Setting name="AzureQueueConfig.QueueName" value="webinputqueue" />
  <Setting name="MessageForwardingInCaseOfFaultConfig.ErrorQueue" value="errorqueue" />
  <Setting name="TransportConfig.MaximumConcurrencyLevel" value="1" />
  <Setting name="TransportConfig.MaxRetries" value="5" />

It works perfectly but it works ONLY with emulator. Everyone knows how the emulator is slow. So I am trying to find a way to run this NServiceBus with azure queues but without amulator. I tried to add the settings above to the web.config but it didn't help and shows the error:

Not running in a hosted service or the Development Fabric.
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Yes it's perfectly possible to run outside of the emulator.

Just add in the correct configsection

     <section name="AzureQueueConfig" type="NServiceBus.Config.AzureQueueConfig, NServiceBus.Azure" />
     <section name="TransportConfig" type="NServiceBus.Config.TransportConfig, NServiceBus.Core" />
      <section name="MessageForwardingInCaseOfFaultConfig" type="NServiceBus.Config.MessageForwardingInCaseOfFaultConfig, NServiceBus.Core" />

And put your config settings in corresponding config nodes

<AzureQueueConfig ConnectionString="UseDevelopmentStorage=true" QueueName="webinputqueue" />
<MessageForwardingInCaseOfFaultConfig ErrorQueue="errorqueue" />
<TransportConfig MaximumConcurrencyLevel="1" MaxRetries="5" />

This should do it, except for the AzureDiagnosticsLogger... You better replace that with another logger as the diagnostics service is obvioysly not available outside the roleenvironment

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Thank you!, You helped me a lot! –  Sergey Oct 24 '13 at 13:27

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