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I try to tune my query but I have no idea what I can change:

  • A screenshot of both tables:
  • The relation is: 1 UserPM (a Private Message) has 1 Sender (User, SenderID -> User.SenderID) and 1 Recipient (User, RecipientID -> User.UserID) and 1 User has X UserPMs as Recipient and X UserPMs as Sender.
  • The intial load takes around 200ms, it only takes the first 20 rows and display them. After this is displayed a JavaScript PageMethod gets the GetAllPMsAsReciepient method and loads the rest of the data
  • this GetAllPMsAsReciepient method takes around 4.5 to 5.0 seconds each time to run on around 250 rows

My code:

    public static List<UserPM> GetAllPMsAsReciepient(Guid userID)
        using (RPGDataContext dc = new RPGDataContext())
            DateTime dt = DateTime.Now;

            DataLoadOptions options = new DataLoadOptions();
            //options.LoadWith<UserPM>(a => a.User);
            options.LoadWith<UserPM>(a => a.User1);
            dc.LoadOptions = options;

            List<UserPM> pm = (
                      from a in dc.UserPMs 
                      where a.RecieverID == userID 
                      && !a.IsDeletedRec 
                      orderby a.Timestamp descending select a

            TimeSpan ts = DateTime.Now - dt;
            System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(ts.Seconds + "." + ts.Milliseconds);

            return pm;

I have no idea how to tune this Query, I mean 250 PMs are nothing at all, on other inboxes on other websites I got around 5000 or something and it doesn't need a single second to load...

I try to set Indexes on Timestamp to reduce the Orderby time but nothing happend so far.

Any ideas here?


I try to reproduce it on LinqPad: Without the DataLoadOptions, in LinqPad the query needs 300ms, with DataLoadOptions around 1 Second.

So, that means:

  • I could save around 60% of the time, If I can avoid to load the User-table within this query, but how?
  • Why Linqpad needs only 1 second on the same connection, from the same computer, where my code is need 4.5-5.0 seconds?
  • Here is the execution plan:
  • Here is the SQL Linqpad gives me:

SELECT [t0].[PMID], [t0].[Text], [t0].[RecieverID], [t0].[SenderID], [t0].[Title], [t0].[Timestamp], [t0].[IsDeletedRec], [t0].[IsRead], [t0].[IsDeletedSender], [t0].[IsAnswered], [t1].[UserID], [t1].[Username], [t1].[Password], [t1].[Email], [t1].[RegisterDate], [t1].[LastLogin], [t1].[RegisterIP], [t1].[RefreshPing], [t1].[Admin], [t1].[IsDeleted], [t1].[DeletedFrom], [t1].[IsBanned], [t1].[BannedReason], [t1].[BannedFrom], [t1].[BannedAt], [t1].[NowPlay], [t1].[AcceptAGB], [t1].[AcceptRules], [t1].[MainProfile], [t1].[SetShowHTMLEditorInRPGPosts], [t1].[Age], [t1].[SetIsAgePublic], [t1].[City], [t1].[SetIsCityShown], [t1].[Verified], [t1].[Design], [t1].[SetRPGCountPublic], [t1].[SetLastLoginPublic], [t1].[SetRegisterDatePublic], [t1].[SetGBActive], [t1].[Gender], [t1].[IsGenderVisible], [t1].[OnlinelistHidden], [t1].[Birthday], [t1].[SetIsMenuHideable], [t1].[SetColorButtons], [t1].[SetIsAboutMePublic], [t1].[Name], [t1].[SetIsNamePublic], [t1].[ContactAnimexx], [t1].[ContactRPGLand], [t1].[ContactSkype], [t1].[ContactICQ], [t1].[ContactDeviantArt], [t1].[ContactFacebook], [t1].[ContactTwitter], [t1].[ContactTumblr], [t1].[IsContactAnimexxPublic], [t1].[IsContactRPGLandPublic], [t1].[IsContactSkypePublic], [t1].[IsContactICQPublic], [t1].[IsContactDeviantArtPublic], [t1].[IsContactFacebookPublic], [t1].[IsContactTwitterPublic], [t1].[IsContactTumblrPublic], [t1].[IsAdult], [t1].[IsShoutboxVisible], [t1].[Notification], [t1].[ShowTutorial], [t1].[MainProfilePreview], [t1].[SetSound], [t1].[EmailNotification], [t1].[UsernameOld], [t1].[UsernameChangeDate] FROM [UserPM] AS [t0] INNER JOIN [User] AS [t1] ON [t1].[UserID] = [t0].[RecieverID] WHERE ([t0].[RecieverID] = @p0) AND (NOT ([t0].[IsDeletedRec] = 1)) ORDER BY [t0].[Timestamp] DESC

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Most likely the LoadWith is what is slowing down the query, Linq probably makes one select statement per row to get the value. Try removing it and try it. You can use a tool such as LinqPad to analyse the SQL generated by linq queries. – Magnus Oct 23 '13 at 13:38
LinqPad is a good suggestion, but I usually just go right to the DB and use the Profiler to see what the queries are doing. – Al W Oct 23 '13 at 13:41
without LoadWith I cant use this query because I need the Usernames – Kovu Oct 23 '13 at 13:43
Profiler is not available for me, I use the EXPRESS Version – Kovu Oct 23 '13 at 13:43
@Kovu Just try it to know if that is the problem. – Magnus Oct 23 '13 at 13:44

If you want to get rid of the LoadWith, you can select your field explicitly :

public static List<Tuple<UserPM, User> > GetAllPMsAsReciepient(Guid userID)
    using (var dataContext = new RPGDataContext())
        return (
            from a in dataContext.UserPMs 
            where a.RecieverID == userID 
            && !a.IsDeletedRec 
            orderby a.Timestamp descending 
            select Tuple.Create(a, a.User1)
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What is a Tuple? Can you eplain it? How to use the list after this? Can I do User.Username in a Girdviewcell after this? – Kovu Oct 23 '13 at 13:55
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I found a solution:

At first it seems that with the DataLoadOptions is something not okay, at second its not clever to load a table with 30 Coloumns when you only need 1.

To Solve this, I make a view which covers all nececeery fields and of course the join.

It reduces the time from 5.0 seconds to 230ms!

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