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I'd like to let the user log in once to use Google Drive SDK v2 and don't ask him every time the app is launched. How can i do it since GoogleAccountCredential does not implement Serializable and Parcelable to save it in persistent storage? How can i check if the user is logged in?

Now i have to ask the user to log in every time the app is launched:

GoogleAccountCredential googleDriveCredential = GoogleAccountCredential.usingOAuth2(this, DriveScopes.DRIVE_APPDATA);
startActivityForResult(googleDriveCredential.newChooseAccountIntent(), ACTION_LINK_GOOGLE_DRIVE);

I'd prefer to do it like it's done in Dropbox Android SDK:

DbxAccountManager accountManager = DropboxAccountManagerHolder.get().getAccountManager();
if (!accountManager.hasLinkedAccount())
                    .startLink(this, ACTION_LINK_DROPBOX);
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It seems to be done automatically: https://developers.google.com/drive/examples/android. The problem is to check if it's logged in. For this you have to get credential token and and handle an exception:

When using a Drive service using the special Android auth utilities: If the user has already authorized the application the Drive service will be authorized and work as expected. If the user has not authorized the application using the Drive service will throw an UserRecoverableAuthException containing an Intent that can be used to display to the user the authorization grant dialog.

try {
  GoogleAccountCredential credential =
      GoogleAccountCredential.usingOAuth2(mContext, DriveScopes.DRIVE_FILE);
  // Trying to get a token right away to see if we are authorized
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