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I am using Apache POI 3.9 and I need to use the Excel formula PERCENTILE and evaluate the formula from within Java.

The problem is that PERCENTILE is not supported.

I get a error

I have 3 possible solutions to my problem.

  1. Write my own percentile function in java and contribute it to the Apache POI library (See

  2. Take the relevant cells from the Excel sheet into java and calculate them using a function such as the one in Percentile calculation

  3. Convert the PERCENTILE into a SMALL function such as instead of =PERCENTILE(A1:A10,95%) then =(SMALL(A1:A10,9)+SMALL(A1:A10,10))/2

At this point in time I need a speedy solution. For me, the third would be the best, but it doesn't give exactly the same results.

Does anyone have any ideas before I fallback on option 2 which is a bit messy?

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Why are you ruling out writing the missing function and contributing it back? That would fix your case, and fix it for everyone else too! –  Gagravarr Oct 23 '13 at 16:21
That was why I wrote above "at this point in time I need a speedy solution..." I did spend a couple of hours looking into writing the missing function, but realized I didn't have the resources to do it properly. –  gordon613 Oct 24 '13 at 10:11
If you understand the maths/stats behind the function, it really doesn't take long to write it. This talk from 2010 covers how to do so –  Gagravarr Oct 24 '13 at 10:20

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Thank you Gagravarr for your encouragement and also for your post Apache POI - How to register a function which was extremely helpful

I implemented the PERCENTILE function in the library in the following way:

  1. I downloaded the source code for Apache POI 3.9
  2. I checked for the ID number of the PERCENTILE function in src/resources/main/org/apache/poi/ss/formula/function/functionMetadata.txt (or online) and it was 328
  3. I thus added retval[328] = AggregateFunction.PERCENTILE; to the file
  4. I added public static final Function PERCENTILE = new Percentile(); to the file in the appropriate place.
  5. I added to the same file the following code (which I based on the LargeSmall function; I had looked for the existing code/type of function which was most similar to what I wanted to do)

    private static final class Percentile extends Fixed2ArgFunction {
    protected Percentile() {
    public ValueEval evaluate(int srcRowIndex, int srcColumnIndex, ValueEval arg0,
            ValueEval arg1) {
        double dn;
        try {
            ValueEval ve1 = OperandResolver.getSingleValue(arg1, srcRowIndex, srcColumnIndex);
            dn = OperandResolver.coerceValueToDouble(ve1);
        } catch (EvaluationException e1) {
            // all errors in the second arg translate to #VALUE!
            return ErrorEval.VALUE_INVALID;
        if (dn < 0 || dn > 1) { // has to be percentage
            return ErrorEval.NUM_ERROR;
        double result;
        try {
            double[] ds = ValueCollector.collectValues(arg0);
            int N = ds.length;
            double n = (N - 1) * dn + 1;
            if (n == 1d) {
                result = StatsLib.kthSmallest(ds, 1);
            } else if (n == N) {
                result = StatsLib.kthLargest(ds, 1);
            } else {
                int k = (int) n;
                double d = n - k;
                result = StatsLib.kthSmallest(ds, k) + d
                        * (StatsLib.kthSmallest(ds, k + 1) - StatsLib.kthSmallest(ds, k));
        } catch (EvaluationException e) {
            return e.getErrorEval();
        return new NumberEval(result);


  6. I then uploaded these two files individually and could then use the PERCENTILE function normally.

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If you could, please attach this new code to the Apache POI Bugzilla Bug Tracker as an enhancement with patch, so it can get included in the next release! –  Gagravarr Oct 30 '13 at 1:17
I did so... –  gordon613 Oct 30 '13 at 11:53

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