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i create a worklight 6.0.0 application (dojo 1.9) does run on chrome and firefox, but doesnt run on any version of internet explorer (tested in 6,7,9 with IE tester, and 8 native).

That is the error thats return IE.

Línea: 18
Carácter: 486
Código: 0
URI: http://domain/context/apps/services/www/appname/desktopbrowser/default/dojo/dojo.js

Mensaje: Se esperaba un identificador, una cadena o un número
Línea: 409
Carácter: 3
Código: 0
URI: http://domain/context/apps/services/www/appname/desktopbrowser/default/js/CoopServidoresApp.js

and this is my dojo config in my Main Worklight Html.

<script type="text/javascript"
data-dojo-config="isDebug: false, async: true, parseOnLoad: true, mblHideAddressBar: false"

I create another application from the start and then run it from internet explorer and doesnt work eather. Is there any configuration does i need to do to make this work?

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Take a look at: Using Dojo 1.9, all parsing fails in IE

It looks like dojo 1.9.0 is busted in IE. The fix seems to be to in 1.9.1

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how can i change the version of the dojo on my default dojoLib? –  user2449016 Oct 23 '13 at 17:04

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