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How to get HttpServletRequest Object in a POJO Class in Spring Framework?

public class SimplePOJO {

//Receive Request 
ServletRequestAttributes servReq= (ServletRequestAttributes)RequestContextHolder.getRequestAttributes();
HttpServletRequest req = servReq.getRequest(); 

//Want to send HttpServletResponse 


can we send HttpServletResponse from the same POJO ? like above

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You can get a HttpServletRequest object in any spring bean but you have to scope your bean to request as follow.

<bean id="simplePOJOBean" class="SimplePOJO" scope="request"/>

 public class SimplePOJO {

 private @Autowired HttpServletRequest request;

 //Just use the autowired request object


It is not possible to get a http response object in the service layer, however you can do it other way. This stuff has been explained here well http://jawspeak.com/2010/05/06/injecting-httpservletresponse-into-spring-mvc-request-scoped-interceptors/

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