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I want to create a spider on the Egyptians domains, I was wondering if there is any method I can use to communicate with domain servers to get the list of all domains that end in .com.eg?

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You could parse google's results for "site:.com.eg" search.

Here's the code, using python and xgoogle library:

from xgoogle.search import GoogleSearch, SearchError
  page = 1
  gs = GoogleSearch("site:.com.eg")
  gs.results_per_page = 100
  results = []
  while page < 10:
      gs.page = page
      results += gs.get_results()
      page += 1
except SearchError, e:
  print "Search failed: %s" % e

for res in results:
    print res.url

I got a list of hundreds of ".com.eg" domains with this script.

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Some registries offer a way to download the "zone file" which is a list of all domains registered with the registry. I looked on http://www.nic.eg but I can't read Arabic and they didn't offer an English translation of most pages.

You will be looking for something like VeriSign's TLD Zone Access Program.

Alexa's Top Sites page offers a download of the top 1 million domain names globally. There are just 43 names from .com.eg in that list though, here they are:

google.com.eg vodafone.com.eg telecomegypt.com.eg yellowpages.com.eg efa.com.eg etisalat.com.eg nbe.com.eg carrefour.com.eg link.com.eg edita.com.eg gom.com.eg vodafonelive.com.eg travian.com.eg nilesat.com.eg toyotaegypt.com.eg faisalbank.com.eg oriflame.com.eg nsgb.com.eg skoool.com.eg betterhome.com.eg espace.com.eg mcsd.com.eg banquemisr.com.eg mobileshop.com.eg st.com.eg egyptinmypocket.com.eg hyperone.com.eg resala.com.eg arabbank.com.eg nestle.com.eg eaec.com.eg elman.com.eg nas.com.eg nissan.com.eg asset.com.eg tech.com.eg selaheltelmeez.com.eg mh.com.eg cookdoor.com.eg siemens.com.eg bmisr-payment.com.eg citystars.com.eg global-id.com.eg

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egregistry.eg/index-e.php is the english version of the site but i didnt find any zone files there –  Karim Dec 23 '09 at 19:11

No, but it's possible to get all of the IP address ranges in Egypt.

this might help.

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well this is nice, i can try to resolve this ips to domain names. and since hte hosting of .com.eg domains required to be in egypt i can get the list of domains that ends in .com.eg –  Karim Dec 23 '09 at 19:16
If you do that, you might want to rate-limit the requests to the DNS server; if you just request reverse-lookup all of those IPs, doing them as quickly as possible may kill the DNS server. –  Dean J Dec 23 '09 at 20:59
what is a rate that is considered good ? in requests/minute –  Karim Dec 23 '09 at 21:32

No باشا, you can't do that.

No server will give you this information.

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