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We are developing a product which will communicate with a REST web service. The service is not ready yet, but we know the interface.

We need to test our product without having actual service running.


Our program sends request: http://server:port/user_details?user_id=123

We are expecting to receive the following json:

    "user_id": 123,
    "user_first_name": John,
    "user_last_name": "Doe",
    "key": dG4fdF33rWf,

Im quite new to web services programming, so how do I emulate the response?

Is there any web tool where I can hardcode the json and call url, and provide a response after hitting Send button, or anything like that?

Thank you.

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Check out the Open Source version of soapUI it supports Rest and if i am correct Jason(Pro)

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