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I have 2 HashMaps with <Integer, "sometype">. So the "sometype" may differ and therefore i tried to make it generic. In this case my two varaibles are as follows

private HashMap<Integer, UI_FieldPV> values_map = new HashMap<Integer, UI_FieldPV>();
private HashMap<Integer, JComponent> input_map = new HashMap<Integer, JComponent>();

The first call of the method is fine:

this.input_map = MapOperations.<JComponent> rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.input_map);

the second call passes a HashMap with <Integer, CustomClass>

this.values_map = MapOperations.<UI_FieldPV>rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.input_map);

which gives me the following error:

The parameterized method <UI_FieldPV>rearrengeHashMapIdx(HashMap<Integer,UI_FieldPV>) of type UI.MapOperations is not applicable for the arguments (HashMap<Integer,JComponent>)

Coding of the class which contains the generic method (btw: I tried to create a generic method within the calling class but it didnÄt work. Do i have to create a embedded class in order to make generic method paramaters work?)

private static class MapOperations<T> {
    public static <T> HashMap<Integer, T> rearrengeHashMapIdx(HashMap<Integer, T> source) {

        HashMap<Integer, T> temp = new HashMap<Integer, T>();
        for (Integer i = 0; i < 81; i++) {
            Integer rowNum = (i / 3) % 3;
            Integer block = i / 9;
            Integer delta = (rowNum - block);
            Integer newIdx = i + (delta * 6);
            temp.put(i, source.get(newIdx));
        return temp;

So what am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help in advance!

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The type argument for the generic method is not necessary, its inferred from the arguments passed. –  Kevin Bowersox Oct 23 '13 at 17:27

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The compiler error is clear enough. The first invocation of method:

this.input_map = MapOperations.<JComponent>rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.input_map);

would return a HashMap<Integer, JComponent>, as you have given the explicit type parameter (well, that is not really needed here. The type T will anyways be inferred from the type of HashMap you are passing). That is fine, as you have declared your input_map to be of that type only.

Then you are passing input_map as argument to the next method invocation:

this.values_map = MapOperations.<UI_FieldPV>rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.input_map);

Now, as per the declaration of the method, the argument to the method should be of type HashMap<Integer, T>. In the second method invocation, the type parameter T is inferred as UI_FieldPV. So, the method expects a HashMap<Integer, UI_FieldPV>, but you are passing a HashMap<Integer, JComponent>. Of course the method invocation would fail, as both the maps are incompatible.

Perhaps, in the second invocation, you meant to pass values_map as argument. So this would work fine:

this.values_map = MapOperations.<UI_FieldPV>rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.values_map);

Note that the type parameter T used in the method is unrelated to the type parameter T used with the class declaration, although that doesn't make any difference here. But just FYI.

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Oh... my fault. Didn't see that obvious one. I changed it to (HashMap<Integer, UI_FieldPV>) this.rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.values_map); Now i get same error (The method put(Integer, capture#4-of ?) in the type HashMap<Integer,capture#4-of ?> is not applicable for the arguments (Integer, capture#5-of ?)) but now on this line of code (in the method posted in my original post): temp.put(i, source.get(newIdx)); UI_FieldPV class extends JPanel by the way. –  newBee Oct 24 '13 at 6:42
Okay i dont know why but after saving, closing and restarting eclipse the error disappeared..... Problem solved! Ty –  newBee Oct 24 '13 at 7:06

I don't understand, ¿you put "input_map" intentionally?:

this.values_map = MapOperations.<UI_FieldPV>rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.input_map);

Maybe you need something like:

this.values_map = MapOperations.<UI_FieldPV>rearrengeHashMapIdx(this.values_map);
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thanks for your help! I've not seen this somehow stupid mistake. However it only "shifted" the problem (see the answer to the second post) –  newBee Oct 24 '13 at 6:47

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