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var f=function(x){return x*x}
var a={a:1, f:f}
var b = db.test.findOne({a:1})
call b.f(5) --> 25 // works fine within the mongo shell

I can't do the same within the node.js driver. Even attempting to get the above object within the node.js driver. Console.log from node.js driver shows that it is stored like this :

{ _id: 5267ffd0ef117eab24aa6d73,
  a: 1,
   { _bsontype: 'Code',
     code: 'function (x){return x*x}',
     scope: {}

How can I call that function from the node.js driver? A call like :

 db.collection('test').findOne({a:1}, function(err, b) {
        console.log(b.f(5));  ---> call of function f does not work.

throws the error : Property 'f' of object # is not a function

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