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I am trying to build custom block using the Liquid Templating. Following is my code:

module MyModule
    module Blocks
        class MyBlock < Liquid::Block

            def initialize(tag, markup, tokens)
                @tag = tag
                @tokens = tokens
                @markup = markup

            def render(context)
                p @tokens


Liquid::Template.register_tag('myblock', MyModule::Blocks::MyBlock)

And in my template, I have the following code:

{% for i in mypages %}
    {% myblock %} {{ i.title }} {% endmyblock %}
{% endfor %}

My question is how do I get all the content that is passed between the myblock tags. i.e., how do I make i.title available to myblock's render function. I thought tokens captures this, but when I puts tokens it outputs []

Thank You

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I've not got the answer here ,but in terms of debugging it, extract {% myblock %}.... out of the for loop and put it straight into the post/page, with a static value: {% myblock %} this is my block {% endmyblock %} . This way you know what you should expect for sure. –  tamouse Oct 28 '13 at 7:04

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The render method of Liquid::Block returns the text between the begin and end tags. So just change your render method to this:

def render(context)
  p super
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