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I have a class

CustomerBean {
    Customer customer;
    public CustomerBean() {...}
    public getCustomer() {...}
    public void setCustomer(Customer c) {...}

When using normal JSF I can use a setPropertyLIstener tag (on say a commandLink) to update the customer property.

I'm trying to do the same thing with Oracle ADF, but failing. How do I specify a binding to a property on a data control? When I try to use Jdeveloper to do it it sets up an iterator for the customer variable, how do I declare and wire up a PropertyListener correctly?

Are there any-up-to date ADF resources I should know of? - a lot of ones I come accross use deprecated classes and methods.

Thanks in advance.

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This should work.

  1. From the datacontrol panel, drag the setCustomer() method to the page and create it as a command link.
  2. Bind the customer argument to #{requestScope.customer}.
  3. Inside the commandLink, use setPropertyListener/setActionListener to put the customer into request scope.
  4. When the commandLink is clicked, ADF will pull the customer value from request scope and invoke the method.
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How about Oracle's own ADF docs? The af:setPropertyListener is specified here.

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