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I'm using Jboss 4/5 and have some .war .properties files with default configuration settings

I want to update these settings using information from the windows xp environment variables.

${env} in ant

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Import enviroment variables before including your property file:

build.xml file:

<target name="build">
   <!-- load enviroment properties -->
   <property environment="env" />
   <property file="" />
   <echo>test: ${test}</echo>
</target> file:

test = ${env.TEMP}
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I needed to up the build number in several files. Since I needed to keep the formatting of the file as well as the comments, I used replaceregexp. Be careful when writing your regular expressions that you limit the expression to only find the instances that you care about.

    match="(build\.number[ \t]*=).*"
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I need to know regular expression to turn on off a variable in project.propreties file. proguard.config=proguard.cfg turns proguard on and removal turns it off. What regular expression do I need for this. – Code Droid May 17 '12 at 4:53
see my question here:… – Code Droid May 17 '12 at 4:55

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