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I am using jQuery knob plugin.


I am aware of it's options, that you can edit in JS file.


How to change colors ( fgColor, bgColor ) with CSS ?


<input type="text" value="1" class="dial">


$(function() {
        readOnly: true,
        fgColor: '#009900',
        bgColor: '#00ff00'


.dial {
// options

Thank you for your suggestions.

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The only way to change a canvas is to redraw it, you can't style it directly. See… – nullability Oct 23 '13 at 18:13
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This Plugin seems to put a canvas above your input. So what you want to achieve is to change the color of the stuff drawn in that canvas. Since you can't manipulate the contents of a canvas with css, you aren't able to change the colors without using Javascript.

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i manage to change only the numbers in it but still canot change the circle

you just put this line in your .css and it will change the color

.dial { color: #ff3738 !important; }

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