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I'm using the latest version of Drupal with Commerce Kickstart 2.

When I make a new view pulling "product display" content as a block. Im grabbing the title, image, price. I gave this view a relationship of "content: product" so I can grab product images.

When I give this image an image style the images are broken links. When i go to the URL in the browser: mysite.com/sites/default/files/styles/product_thumb/public/gallery2.jpg?itok=cQ-VEQxW

It says error generating image.

My file permissions for every folder under "files" is 777. So they are writeable.

I've made other views grabbing images and using image styles and they work fine. But when making a view for "Product Display" content type and pulling "Commerce Product: Images" field. I get an error for the image style. Not even the original image shows up.

Even when I theme this view file to manually grab the public://path-of-image.jpg data it still results in a broken image. My view-unformatted template file:

<img src="<?php print render(image_style_url('product_thumb', $row->_field_data['commerce_product_field_data_field_product_product_id']['entity']->field_images['und'][0]['uri']))  ?>" alt="">
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