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From this page I can see how to get a JSObject from a JSValue in C++. Is there a similar way to do so in .NET? The ToObject() method doesn't seem to exist.

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Just cast the argument from a JSValue to JSObject

protected virtual void MyBoundMethod(object sender, JavascriptMethodEventArgs e)
    JSObject temp;
    JSValue value;

    if (e.Arguments == null || e.Arguments.Length == 0)

    if (JSValue.Null != e.Arguments[0] && e.Arguments[0].IsObject)
       temp = (JSObject)e.Arguments[0];
       value = temp["someProperty"];
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What if you do not know the name of the property? –  Sjoerd2228888 Jan 12 at 9:49
See Awesomium::JSObject Class Reference. Try GetMethodNames or HasProperty or HasMethod. –  Steve Jansen Jan 12 at 16:56
Your link points to the C++ API. How can I find out the property name with HasProperty? Test for all possible variable names? I just found this but unfortunatly this yields an InvalidOperation exception. –  Sjoerd2228888 Jan 12 at 17:27
The Awesomium API is similar between C++ and .Net. See docs.awesomium.net/html/T_Awesomium_Core_JSObject.htm . Confirm your version of Awesomium supports these methods if you are not using the latest bits. –  Steve Jansen Jan 14 at 11:37
I found it. But as I just said, I think I can only find the property names by calling 'myJSObject.GetPropertyNames()' but this yields an InvalidOperation exception. –  Sjoerd2228888 Jan 14 at 12:41

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