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I have a select box that triggers an http PUT when it's changed.


<select ng-model='color'></select>


$scope.$watch('color', function(newValue, oldValue) { 
    $http.put('...', {color: newValue})   

The issue is that if the http request fails for whatever reason I want the select box to revert to it's previous value.

 $scope.$watch('color', function(newValue, oldValue) { 
    req = $http.put('...', {color: newValue})
      $scope.color = oldValue  // will probably cause the $watch to get triggered again (bad)

This will probably cause the $watch function to get triggered again which is not desirable as it would trigger an unnecessary PUT.

How can I revert the value without triggering the $watch function again?

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Use ng-change to submit the changes to the server and revert back to the previous value if the put fails.


<select ng-model='color' ng-change="changeColor()"></select>


 $scope.$watch('color', function(newValue, oldValue) { 
      $scope.previousColor = oldValue;

 $scope.changeColor = function(){
    $http.put('...', {color:  $scope.color}).error(function(){
      $scope.color =  $scope.previousColor;


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why do u suggest ng change over watch..i saw someone else also saying this on SO – Lakshay Aug 17 at 15:13

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