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Ive had the question to make something, where customer can import a .dbf file. This file contains products with prices etc. After importing that file, he wants to export the products with a promotion date from and till. So i was thinking: Make a query that only takes the lines where promodate is not null. So i was thinking to make something with a basic GUI, with a datagrid and 2 buttons: import and export.

Now, as im not experienced with .dbf files, is it A) possible to import it in a local sql database/c# grid? And B) is it possible to import it as dbf and export it to xls/xlsx?

Anyone some advice? Is c# a good option for this?

Don't really know where to start.

Thanks in advance!

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With C# you can use this library FAST DBF to read/write your dbf files. I prefer to use powershell when i need file conversion, here there is a powershell example.

Furthermore, in powershell is posible create an Excel object to do any type of Excel import/export operation, example is here.

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