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I'm working on learning Spring MVC, and I'm trying to add items from a list to my cart. Everything else in my site seems to work fine, but ever since I added a cart to my program it's been giving me the following error message:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name 'command' available as request attribute

I got the above inexplicable error when 1) I don't have a request attribute called "command," and 2) I'm not sure what BindingResult is or does, to be honest. The book I bought on Spring MVC was way too dense for me to get all the way through (Pro Spring MVC: With Web Flow).

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@SessionAttributes({ "categoryMap", "ratingMap", "customer" })
public class SearchFilmsController
    private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(SearchFilmsController.class);

    public void initListBinder(WebDataBinder binder)

    LoginValidator loginValidator;

    public void setHomeController(LoginValidator loginValidator)
    this.loginValidator = loginValidator;

    IUserBO userBO;

    ICustomerBO    customerBO;

    IFilmBO filmBO;

    ICategoryBO    categoryBO;

    SessionFactory sessionFactory;

    IFilmInfoBO    filmInfoBO;

     * Simply selects the home view to render by returning its name.

    @RequestMapping(value = "displaySearchFilms", method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public String displaySearchFilms(Model model, @ModelAttribute("categoryMap") Map<Short, String> categoryMap, @ModelAttribute("ratingMap") Map<String, String> ratingMap)
    List<FilmInfo> filmInfos = filmInfoBO.getAll("title");
    FilmSearchFormModel filmSearchFormModel = new FilmSearchFormModel(filmInfos);
    model.addAttribute("filmSearchFormModel", filmSearchFormModel);"\t" + filmInfos.size());
    return "searchFilms";

    @RequestMapping(value = "returnSearchFilms", method = RequestMethod.POST)
    public String returnSearchFilms(@ModelAttribute("filmSearchFormModel") FilmSearchFormModel filmSearchFormModel, @ModelAttribute("categoryMap") Map<Short, String> categoryMap,
        @ModelAttribute("ratingMap") Map<String, String> ratingMap, @ModelAttribute("selectableFilm") SelectableFilm selectableFilm, Model model, BindingResult result)
    logger.warn("I'm in search films - you know any good ones?");
    Map<String, Object> searchCriteria = new LinkedHashMap<>();

    searchCriteria.put("title", filmSearchFormModel.getTitle());
    searchCriteria.put("category", filmSearchFormModel.getCategory());
    searchCriteria.put("rating", filmSearchFormModel.getRating());
    List<FilmInfo> filmsReturned = filmInfoBO.searchFilmInfo(searchCriteria);
    ArrayList<SelectableFilm> selectableFilms = new ArrayList<>();
    for (FilmInfo filmInfo : filmsReturned)
        selectableFilms.add(new SelectableFilm(filmBO.findById(filmInfo.getFilmId())));

    FilmSearchFormModel filmSearchFormModel2 = new FilmSearchFormModel(filmsReturned);

    // FilmSearchFormModel filmSearchFormModel2 = new
    // FilmSearchFormModel(selectableFilms);

    // filmSearchFormModel.setSelectableFilms(filmInfoBO.searchFilmInfo(searchCriteria));
    model.addAttribute("filmSearchFormModel", filmSearchFormModel2);"\t" + filmsReturned.size());
    return "searchFilms";


<%@taglib uri="" prefix="form"%>
<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"   pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%>
<%@ page errorPage="noFilmsAvailable.jsp" %>
<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>            <!--    Required in order to show images -->
<!-- <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">      -->
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">


    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"/>
    <title>Search Films</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./resources/include/menu.css"/>

    <script src=""></script>


        function changeFormAction(submitButton)
            if(submitButton == "checkout") {
                // The window.alert can be used to determine if the if/else logic
                // is being performed properly in a call to this function.
/*              window.alert (submitButton) */
            else if(submitButton == "returnSearchFilms") 
/*              window.alert (submitButton) */
            else if(submitButton == "addToCart")
            else if(submitButton == "goHome")
            else if(submitButton == "viewCart")


        var x=true;
        var a = [];

        function toggleIntoCart(filmId)
                    if($.inArray(filmId,a) != -1)
                        var c = a.indexOf(filmId)


        function checkOut()

    <div id = "MainLayer">      
        <div id="Layer-Content">
        <h1>Search Films</h1>
        <h2 id="infoOnCart" background-color="blue" color="white">: </h2>
        <form:form modelAttribute="filmSearchFormModel" method="POST" action="/sakila/returnSearchFilms">   
                <form:label path="title" background-color="blue" color="white">Title:</form:label>
                <form:input path="title" />             
                <form:label path="category">Category:</form:label>
                <form:select path="category">
                    <form:options items="${filmSearchFormModel.categoryMap}" />
                <form:label path="rating">Rating:</form:label>
                <form:select path="rating" >
                    <form:options items="${filmSearchFormModel.ratingMap}" />
            <br />
                <input type="submit" value="Search" onclick="changeFormAction('returnSearchFilms')" />
                <input type="submit" value="Add Selected Items to Cart" onclick="changeFormAction('addToCart')"/>
                <input type="submit" value="View Cart" onclick="changeFormAction('viewCart')"/>
            <th>Title</th><th>Length (minutes)</th><th>Rating</th><th>Price ($)</th>
                <c:forEach items="${filmSearchFormModel.filmInfos}" var="filmInfo" varStatus="sfStatus">
                        <td><form:input path="selectableFilms[${sfStatus.index}].film.title" readonly="true"/></td>                     
                        <td><form:input path="selectableFilms[${sfStatus.index}].film.length" readonly="true"/></td>                        
                        <td><form:input path="selectableFilms[${sfStatus.index}].film.rating" readonly="true"/></td>                        
                        <td><form:input path="selectableFilms[${sfStatus.index}].film.price" readonly="true"/></td> 
                        <td><form:checkbox path="selectableFilms[${sfStatus.index}].selected" /></td>
                        <td><form:hidden path="selectableFilms[${sfStatus.index}].film.filmId"/></td>

                <input type="button" type="reset" value="Reset"/>
                <input type="button" value="Return to Home Page" type="submit"  onclick="changeFormAction('goHome')" />



Oh... and as a P.S., if anyone knows of a cleaner and simpler way to do all this adding-item-to-cart business, please, be my guest and show me the way.

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modelAttribute worked just fine as it was before I added the cart. – Michael Baucum Oct 23 '13 at 20:36
What does "before I added the cart" mean? How did you add a cart? What was your code like before the cart? Are you talking about the javascript bit? Your server-side piece stopped working after you added the javascript? Also, where is the error actually occurring? When the page is rendered, or when the form is submitted, or what? Need more info. – MattSenter Oct 23 '13 at 21:39

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