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Good day all, I'd like some help to change a small section in this C program which I have licensed back in the early 90's. Some of you may be familiar with it, it's called MajorBBS and as you probably have guess it is bbs software.

In the header file majorbbs.h we have

struct module {                    /* module interface block               */  
 char descrp[MNMSIZ];          /*    description for main menu         */  
 int (*lonrou)();              /*    user logon supplemental routine   */  
 int (*sttrou)();              /*    input routine if selected         */  
 void (*stsrou)();             /*    status-input routine if selected  */  
 int (*injrou)();              /*    "injoth" routine for this module  */  
 int (*lofrou)();              /*    user logoff supplemental routine  */  
 void (*huprou)();             /*    hangup (lost carrier) routine     */  
 void (*mcurou)();             /*    midnight cleanup routine          */  
 void (*dlarou)();             /*    delete-account routine            */  
 void (*finrou)();             /*    finish-up (sys shutdown) routine  */  
 } **module;                                                                    

Also in the majorbbs.h we have some code that defines the menu variables

struct usrmnu {               /* user's menuing-specific variables         */       
 char curpag[PNMSIZ];     /*    current menu page                      */       
 char parpag[PNMSIZ];     /*    parent menu page                       */       
 char selchrs[MAXSEL];    /*    select characters currently available  */       
 char pages[MAXSEL][PNMSIZ]; /* pages or file names for select chars   */       
 char optdsp[MAXSEL];     /*    instructions on how to display options */       
 int keyreq[MAXSEL];      /*    key required for each select character */       
 FILE *fp;                /*    pointer to file currently being viewed */       
 char mnuttl[TITLSZ];     /*    menu page title                        */       
 } *mnuusr;                                                                          

Then in the majorbbs.c file we have

struct module module00={      /* module interface block                    */       
 "Menuing System",        /*    description for main menu              */       
 NULL,                    /*    user logon supplemental routine        */       
 mainu,                   /*    input routine if selected              */       
 musthn,                  /*    status-input routine if selected       */       
 NULL,                    /*    "injoth" routine for this module       */       
 NULL,                    /*    user logoff supplemental routine       */       
 loscar,                  /*    hangup (lost carrier) routine          */       
 midnit,                  /*    midnight cleanup routine               */       
 NULL,                    /*    delete-account routine                 */       
 mjrfin                   /*    finish-up (sys shutdown) routine       */       

What I'd like is to change the value of the descrp here which is defined as "Menuing System" to something more dynamic like the Menu the user is currently on.

From the code here I think it would be mnuusr->curpag which is where the pointer is pointing to I think.

So I'm thinking of a routine. I am by no means a programmer and I've been there many sites to look for examples of how to do such a thing. I've searched here for the last couple days (before posting this). I saw some things that sparked a "Hey this might work" but I ended up with compiler errors (more on that in a bit)

What I did was make a routine like

char *
if (strcmp(module00.descrp,"Menuing System" ) == 0 ) {


Then if I change the module00 call above to

   struct module module00={ 
 mydescrp,   /*  My change */

When I compile I get some error that says:

Initalization not fully bracketed

the list goes on from there. There are some further initialization later on in majorbbs.c and will gladly supply them if you need. I am sure one would be.

register_module(                   /* register a module for online use     */       
struct module *mod)                     /* pointer to a module block       */       
 if (strlen(mod->descrp) > MNMSIZ-1) {                                          
      catastro("MODULE NAME \"%s\" TOO LONG!",mod->descrp);                     
 if (mod->stsrou == NULL) {                                                     
 if (nmods == 0) {                                                              
      module=(struct module **)alcmem(sizeof(struct module *));                 
      mdstats=(struct mdstats *)alcmem(sizeof(struct mdstats));                 
 else {                                                                         
      module=(struct module **)alcrsz(module,sizeof(struct module *)*nmods,     
                                     sizeof(struct module *)*(nmods+1));        
      mdstats=(struct mdstats *)alcrsz(mdstats,sizeof(struct mdstats)*nmods,    
                                       sizeof(struct mdstats)*(nmods+1));       
 if (qeqbtv(mod->descrp,0)) {                                                   
 else {                                                                         
      setmem(&mdstats[nmods],sizeof(struct mdstats),0);                         

From MENUING.C mnuoff routine

struct usrmnu *
mnuoff(                            /* get pointer to user's menu info      */
int unum)                          /*   user number to grab                */
#ifdef PHARLAP
     return((struct usrmnu *)((long)(eclmnubas+(unum<<3))<<16));
     #ifdef ECLIPSE
          return((struct usrmnu *)((long)(eclmnubas+(unum<<3))<<16));
          return((struct usrmnu *)(muusrs+(unum*(long)sizeof(struct usrmnu))));

Is this the routine to change for some newly code? I am simply at a loss on how to go about this. If you need more code let me know.

I even went as far as asking for help from other majorbbs programmers on usenet but this software is 20 years + old so I don't think anyone uses it anymore let alone modify code anymore. I would think since it's still C someone might have an idea to help me out. I am trying to create a new revive with some small modifications. This being one of two.

Thanks for any help.

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Software is not like wine, it does not get better when it ages. This one turned sour at least 15 years ago. Usually coincides with the author stopping to make changes and not responding to phone calls and email requests anymore. Much like we'll do. –  Hans Passant Oct 23 '13 at 22:37
I hear what you're saying, but it's still fun regardless. :) –  Paul R Culmo Oct 23 '13 at 22:42
+1 for thinking it is fun. Good attitude, hoping it isn't too lonely. –  Hans Passant Oct 23 '13 at 22:49
"I am by no means a programmer" - without trying to be funny, what you're trying to do is a really bad idea if this is true. The most obvious problems are that both your definition and call of mydescrp are missing parameter lists, but honestly, your problems here are likely to only begin once you fix your syntax errors. Any question containing a phrase similar to "I am simply at a loss on how to go about this" is unlikely to be on-topic for Stack Overflow. Good luck, though. –  Paul Griffiths Oct 23 '13 at 23:23
@PaulGriffiths: Can you give a brief explanation of how it would be a bad idea? one thing that comes to my mind would be general protection errors? maybe? if that is the case I will take your advice and not pursue this plan. –  Paul R Culmo Oct 23 '13 at 23:25
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It looks like the descrp field in struct module is expecting a char[] (or a string), and you're giving it a char *() (function returning a string) instead.

Perhaps what you want to do is not call the mydescrp function in the declaration of module00, but manually perform the check in register_module:

int register_module(struct module *mod) {
    if (strcmp(mod->descrp, "Menuing System") == 0) {
        struct usrmnu *menu = mnuoff(usrnum);
        // Copy as much of the title to the menu description as possible.
        strncpy(mod->descrp, menu->mnuttl, MNMSIZ-1);
        // Terminate the string in case the title was too long.
        mod->descrp[MNMSIZ-1] = '\0';
    // Rest of method.
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Thank you for your response but I get a compile error when trying your suggestion. Lvalue required in function register_module so I think it wants a == which would have no affect right? –  Paul R Culmo Oct 23 '13 at 23:51
You'd need strcpy(mod->descrp, mnuusr->mnuttl), since mod->descrp is a char array. You'd need to ensure MNMSIZ was greater than or equal to TITLSZ, too, to avoid the possibility of overflow, or use strncpy() and accept the possibility of truncating the current menu name. –  Paul Griffiths Oct 23 '13 at 23:55
@PaulGriffiths Very good points, my bad. Updated now. –  DanielGibbs Oct 24 '13 at 0:06
Thanks all for your suggestions, it compiles fine now. However like Paul said earlier my problems are just starting. When bringing up the system it GP faults. When I comment out the new code it works fine so hmm maybe I need to put the new code in a new section? –  Paul R Culmo Oct 24 '13 at 1:10
You can usually find out what is causing the fault using a debugger, but I'd guess that maybe mnuusr might not be a valid pointer. What is usrnum, and what does the mnuoff function do? –  DanielGibbs Oct 24 '13 at 1:16
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