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I'm recently trying to switch my Rails server app to Angularjs. When everything works fine and I can get my json data from the server, I actually don't know how to get image from Paperclip. Using only Rails, I used to do it that way :


which works fine. However, how to do that using Angularjs? The only json object I'm getting looks like this :


If I print logo, it loads the full image (1920x1200) which is not ideal as it's heavy to load and also since I put a circle css effect, the image does not really scale and it looks pretty ugly. How to get the :small thumbnail?

Thanks a lot

Thanks @Muntasim, it works now :

def as_json(options={})
  { name: self.name, email: self.email, phone: self.phone, mobile: self.mobile, slug: self.slug, logo: self.logo.url(:small) }
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You are using the default json form of the object. Here you need to customize that like:

object.as_json(id: id, name: name, small_logo_url: logo.url(:small))

That should give you:

"small_logo_url":"your expected file url..",

If you have collection of objects then you will get an array of json object

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But how do you do that when you fetch all the pictures in the database? Like Medium.all –  Kaspar Dec 5 '14 at 17:36
please look at the edit section of the question. if you override as_json in the model and render json from Model.all it should work –  Muntasim Dec 8 '14 at 6:47

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