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So I have an array of IDs:

var myIDs = [1,5,9];

I have a collection that I want to search through, and pluck from. I thought I could do something like the following:

var searchResults = myCollection.where({"uID" : myIDs});

Of course that won't work, but there must be a way to achieve something similar.

Once I have the selected models, the plan is to edit the contents of, then save. Am I correct in assuming I can save the whole batch by doing the following?


I'm a total n00b to Backbone, obviously.

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You can use Collection.filter to compare each item against the array:

var searchResults = myCollection.filter(function(model) { 
    return myIDs.indexOf(model.id) != -1;

("Where" is like a special case of "filter", with a specific iterator -- it compares the properties of each model with the hash set you provide.)

As far as saving, if you mean replacing the items in the collection, then yes, you can use reset for that. (Note that "save" in Backbone parlance normally means syncing model updates back to the server.)

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Awesome! Thanks. And yeah, sorry I mean, "reset to the collection, and save the collection." Coming from an MVC like Cake where you just manipulate an array and save it, Backbone's a bit of a paradigm shift. :) –  Benjamin Allison Oct 24 '13 at 1:18
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