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When I used previous versions of Eclipse (e.g. Ganymede/Europa) if I had edited a file and then attempted a build Eclipse would prompt me to save first.

Since I updated to Galileo (Build id: 20090920-1017 & just checked for updates) when I build I'm not prompted to save first. Perhaps the dialog had a checkbox for "don't tell me again" which I mistakenly checked on???

I figure it is just a preference setting some where but I can't seem to find it, search in Preferences for 'save' and for 'build' but did not find it. I tried "Save automatically before build" but that actually did not work for me, and isn't really what I was looking for anyways.

Any ideas?


Edit: I'm actually using an Ant script to 'build' (right click on script and Run As...Ant Build). So perhaps my original wording was a bit off base since I did not state how I was building.

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you don't use automatic builds? – bmargulies Dec 25 '09 at 19:42

It's under Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Save automatically before build. This works for me if I'm doing an Eclipse build (Project -> Build All). Is that how you're building?

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The OP did mention that setting, adding it wasn't "really what I was looking for anyways." – VonC Dec 23 '09 at 22:13
Now that you mention it I'm actually running an Ant script to build...which I should have stated in the question, just got into the habit of calling that a 'build'. This probably changes the nature of the question. – Gern Blanston Dec 28 '09 at 18:07
Yeah, the preferences refer to Eclipse's built-in automatic build. This bug report sounds like your problem ( -- it is supposedly fixed in Eclipse 3.5.2, but I haven't tested that. Perhaps you can give that a try. – Kaleb Brasee Dec 28 '09 at 18:34
Actually, I think 3.5.1 is the current release version. Might require a dev build to check this out. – Kaleb Brasee Dec 28 '09 at 18:44

As mention in this thread, the only other options (other than the "Save automatically before build") which actually prompt for the user for file saving are:

> Run/Debug > Launching > Save required dirty editors before launching
> Run/Debug > Launching > [x] Build (if required) before launching
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Answer of VonC looks great, but does not work as it seems (Eclipse 3.5.1.R35x_v20090910 on WinXP-Pro-32). However Eclipse and I seem to think differently about what is a "required dirty editor" :-( --

Would be nice if it would be possible to define a scope of resources to check for dirtyness for every single launch configuration -- with "containing project & refernced projects" as the default setting.

But it looks like 3.5.2 fixes this problem.

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