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I'm using ctypes.windll to call a C function that returns the version number of the DLL. Here's the function prototype:

VERSION_INFO _stdcall GetVersionInfo()
typedef struct _VERSION_INFO
    WORD MajorVersion;
    WORD MinorVersion;

I've created this python class for storing the result of the function call:

class Version_Info(Structure):
    _fields_ = [("MajorVersion", c_ushort), ("MinorVersion", c_ushort)]  

The problem is that I cannot figure out how to convert the int returned by the function into an instance of the class. Here's my code:

from ctypes import windll
version_data = windll.foobar.GetVersionInfo()
version_struct = Version_Info()
memmove(addressof(version_struct), version_data, sizeof(version_struct))
print 'major = ' + str(version_struct.MajorVersion)
print 'minor = ' + str(version_struct.MinorVersion)

The output for the major and minor version numbers is 29795 and 8312 respectively. This cannot be correct as there's no way the DLL has a version number of 29795.8312. So I assume I'm doing something wrong. As an alternative I tried this:

version_data = windll.foobar.GetVersionInfo()
version_struct = Version_Info.from_buffer_copy(version_data)
print 'major = ' + str(version_struct.MajorVersion)
print 'minor = ' + str(version_struct.MinorVersion)

...but that throws a TypeError: expected a readable buffer object

What am I doing wrong?


I just found this post which answers my question. Using restype does the trick:

get_version_info = windll.foobar.GetVersionInfo
get_version_info.restype = Version_Info
version_struct = get_version_info()
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You should write your update as an answer and accept it. It is OK to answer your own questions. –  Mark Tolonen Oct 26 '13 at 18:53

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