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I just started to learn about compilers, and I wondered - is there a way to tell GCC (or any other compiler) to stop in the middle of the process, and give me a file with the current state (for example - a token tree)?

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Recent news: GCC Melt supports a lot of what you are going to want. –  Matthew G. Oct 30 '13 at 17:17

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In general, yes!

When building a compiler, often one of your most important debugging tools is to see the current representation of the program, or even better, the states throughout compilation, so that when a transformation goes wrong -- i.e. a compiler bug -- it can be identified.

Dumping all the state of a compiler can be a lot however; Even just the intermediate representation for a large function can be tens-of-thousands of lines of plain-text. Then, there's also all the associated data structures: Control-flow graphs, dependency information, symbols etc.

See this question for some more detail on answers for LLVM and GCC.

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