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I am in the middle of something really weird with my sessions.

It worked since weeks and just today, when i try to get the session from the SessionStore (from connect-mongo) the callback return undefined variables.

I do send a good sid, it worked this way for weeks, and the session system works since i can access stored variables from req.session.

So i was wondering maybe there are 2 different sessions, is there a way to find the sid thought the req.session ?

I don't know if it's right but i have req.session.id different from the sid i get

Here is the code:

function parseSessionCookie(cookie, sid, secret) {
  var cookies = require('express/node_modules/cookie').parse(cookie)
, parsed = require('express/node_modules/connect/lib/utils').parseSignedCookies(cookies, secret)
  return parsed[sid] || null;
io.set('authorization', function(data, accept) {
    var sid = parseSessionCookie(data.headers.cookie, 'connect.sid', 'secret');
    SessionStore.get(sid, function(err, session) {
       //err and session are undefined!

UPDATE: The problem do is that the sid i get from req.session.id and the one i get from the SessionStore are different ! Since if i call SessionStrore.get() with the sid i get from req.session.id, everything works fine !

So how is that possible to have 2 different sessions like this ?

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Ok i get it !

The thing is i worked locally, using the URL in my client code to connect soket.io and http://localhost in my browser, so it's create a Cross-origin resource sharing issue.

I Just changed everything fot http://localhost and it works fine !

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