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I've noticed that some popular naming conventions have been given names to make it easier to communicate about them. Two examples are Pascal Case and Camel Case.

I would like to know if there is a common name for a convention I have seen used in CSS. In this naming convention, all letters are lower-case and words are separated by hyphens. I don't know if this convention is CSS-specific.

Examples of names with this convention:

  • red-car
  • ticket
  • xml-code
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Taken from this great article 'namespacing' CSS classes is a good way to keep them self-contained and modular. It also helps minimising the likelihood that existing classes will conflict and lowers specificity. Example below:

/* High risk of style cross-contamination */
.widget { }
.widget .title { }

/* Low risk of style cross-contamination */
.widget { }
.widget-title { }

While I think it's a great article about CSS architecture, the things mentioned are definitely not naming conventions, but best practices of using them in your CSS.

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I think there is no (commonly used) special term for this naming convention. So, just use a self-describing name for it, like:

  • lower-case with dashes / hyphens
  • hyphenated lower-case
  • hyphen-separated-lowercase-words
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