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#include "hmap.h"

int main(char* argv[], int argc)
    printf("%s", argv[0]); <---- fails here

    return 0;

I am using MSVS 2012. I'm wondering if I'm using the command line arguments wrong. The text file is in the same folder. All my header file has is the #include libraries I will using, some #define's I'll be using, and extern function prototypes.

When I run the program it says "expand.exe has stopped working...."

I usually program in a Linux environment using GCC but I'm trying to learn MSVS environment. Getting a little frustrated on how much of a hassle to input command line arguments :.

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I think the arguments for main() are around the wrong way.

That is, the first argument should be the argument count (argv), and the second one the argument vector (argv).

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {}

It fails because a subscript should be used only with an array or pointer.

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.... That's what I get for switching to Python. I feel dumb. Thanks lol. – juice Oct 24 '13 at 5:09

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