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What is the closest equivalent to Java's Future<T> in C#?

For example, what would the closest reconstruction of the following be in C#:

public class FutureMethodCall implements Future {
    private Future<APIResponse> methodCall;

    public boolean cancel(boolean mayInterruptIfRunning) {
        return this.methodCall.cancel(mayInterruptIfRunning);

    public APIResponse get() throws ExecutionException, InterruptedException {
        return this.methodCall.get();


Thanks in advance!

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You can google for Task<TResult> –  Adam Moszczyński Oct 24 '13 at 5:48
If you can't use Task (because you are stuck in an older version of C#) try my promises implementation: github.com/Real-Serious-Games/C-Sharp-Promise. Also available on nuget: nuget.org/packages/RSG.Promise –  Ashley Davis Jan 30 at 6:17

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I'm not sure what a Future does in Java, but from the code it looks like you are executing code at a later time that runs asyncronously and is cancelable.

Have a look at Tasks in C#, they offer the same capabilities.

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